10 Comments you always wanted to leave on Facebook

The homepage of facebook always welcomes us with updates of the recent activities of our friends, colleagues or of people we don’t even know but have added them for some reason or the other. Some are funny, some are interesting and some are apt for whatever is trending at that moment. But many are just plain stupid… dumb status messages that are there for no rhyme or reason.

What irritates me is to see some dimwit acting as an industry expert or critic and giving out his or her opinion; half left status messages left by people, asking for follow-up comments from friends before they complete their message; minute by minute commentary of an ongoing game and so on…

I have stopped myself several times and that too at the very last moment from commenting on such status updates. Here are some comments that were created but never got posted:

  1. Who’s gives the ****!

  2. Your status message really sucks!

  3. Why do you even need to think? Or Nobody cares of what you think!

  4. Will you stop leaving your status message incomplete just to gain attention of curious losers asking: Why? Where? How? What happened?

  5. Just shut-up and go weep elsewhere

  6. You think your status is funny? Get your head examined!

  7. I’d visit a news website if I wanted news updates

  8. You look really ugly; please stop torturing us by uploading more pictures of yourself partying

  9. Has ESPN signed you as their official commentator on Facebook?

  10. Get a life!

Felt really good to get those comments out.

Kenneth Peter — kennethpeter.com