Daydreaming at Work

Have you ever been caught daydreaming at work? Ever woke up with a blank expression… “huh!” in a soporific meeting when someone asked you a question? Walked into your boss’s cabin and forget why you entered? Listened to an entire conversation and then asked “who in the what now?” This can be embarrassing, but it is very normal.

Stress or boredom can be the culprit, as they somehow let your mind wander away. In my previous  job, I called Monday the ‘Stress-Day,’ as there was tons of work waiting for me on my table. The Big Boss man would walk in with a huge frown as if I was the one that caused Monday to happen upon everyone. Then I would notice the list of pending emails, documents and notes that I had ignored on TGIF!

With neck-deep in work and totally stressed out my mind would automatically deviate towards randomness. Next thing you would notice is that I’m either lost staring at the computer screen or lost in my own world while someone was giving me a brief. Sadly, I was lost daydreaming regular stuff and not something imaginative and sci-fi like Calvin in Calvin & Hobbes. Remember how Calvin kept transforming his teacher Miss Wormwood into an alien while daydreaming in his classroom, wish I could imagine something similar, transforming my boss into an alien emperor who had abducted me and was forcing me to work in kryptonite* and energon* fields.

Boredom, the other reason is equally bad. It usually allows the mind to imagine extreme things in-depth as there are no wake up calls by anyone reminding you of pending work. To stay away from boredom, take a break, read or do puzzles. These days’ social networking sites come in handy when you have nothing to do and can keep you entertained while you keep on learning new stuff. Lastly, were you actually reading this post or daydreaming?

Kenneth Peter —

*Kryptonite – fictional element in Superman
*Energon – primary source of power for Transformers
Comic strips taken from Google


My Childhood Heroes (Part – I) – Wrestling

While waiting for a flight at Nairobi, I picked up a wrestling tape – ‘Wrestle Mania – V’ that had the pictures of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage on the cover. I approached my dad with the tape, had seen him watch wrestling before, so knew that the videotape was going home. Guess I was just 7 years old, and was all set to welcome WWF (now WWE) into my life.

I was not the only one; there were many kids in love with wrestling. At school, exchanging latest wresting tapes became a fad. Our bags were loaded with wresting tapes (now a mere pendrive could carry them all). Wrestling Game Cards were also very popular.

Remembering the good-ol-days, when everything seemed real comes this blog capturing my kid thoughts –

My Wrestling Heroes

Hulk Hogan

Well, ya know something Mean Gene… anyone who has ever watched wresting and doesn’t know the Hulkster, should hang himself. The guy was a phenomenon, an icon, a wrestling god.  His entrance theme gave me goosebumps, loved the tearing T-Shirt act, his finishing maneuver etc. Now all grown up, I hardly ever watch wrestling, but one day, while browsing channels I heard “I am a real American,” it was Hogan alright! I was amazed to see hulkamaniacs go wild, even after the music stopped there was a wave of cheers and applauds…Well, Watcha gonna do brotha? When the power of hulkamania, the largest arms in the world take over!

Bret “The Hitman Heart”

Heard a loud squealing guitar, lights turning pink, heart shapes all over, girls screaming – This was the entry of the Hitman. Remember after the iconic entrance, he would climb out of the ring to handover his sunglasses to a lucky kid…Hey! Everyone wanted Bret’s sunglasses…Heck! Even I did, infact owned one too. The match that almost had me in tears was the – Iron Man match at Wrestlemania XII, where Hart lost to Shawn Michaels after he was superkicked. Undoubtedly, he was “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, and The Best There Ever Will Be…”

The Undertaker

The Dead Man, The Phenom, Big Evil, The American Bad Ass  – is the 6ft 10 monster ‘The Undertaker’ – Mark Calaway, from Death Valley

I was about seven when I saw him first, got frightened a bit, when all the lights on the screen went off, you hear the loud “gong” 2-3 times and out comes ‘The Phenom’. He walks towards the ring in purple light and smoke, accompanied by funeral music. He enters the ring, raises his arms – and there was light… Removes his hat, rolls his eyes into the back of his head and you see the Big Evil, his arms covered entirely with tattoos of “The Undertaker” – the most dramatic entrance of any WWE superstar

If you watched wrestling in the 90s, noone could stop the Taker, you hit him with a chair, or bash his head on the steel stairs. He was a one man army…I remember one of his matches with Yokozuna, where he alone faced more than 20 wrestlers…WOW!! The wrestling ring is his yard, he is the big dog running the yard – says the American Bad Ass

Undertaker remains undefeated in WrestleMania and has a 17-0 record. With this I’ll say Rest in peace…

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin was not at all like the Hitman or the Hulkster, he was the bad guy, antihero, beer drinking, finger flippin, son of a ***** . He was a rebel, could do anything, break every rule in the god damn book – He was the toughest SOB in WWE History. The moment you hear Steve Austin’s glass shattering and the raunchy, dangerous theme, you know that he was gonna unleash hell.

Wrestling was never so much fun, he had us all finger flippin for sure. “The Stone Cold Stunner” was the most ultimate finishing maneuver ever. Gawd! I always wanted to try that on most of my friends – to hell with the WWE advisory! Steve Austin was no doubt the leader of the greatest era in wrestling… and thats the bottom line, cause…

Who’s Next?

Bill Goldberg

A knock on the door of the dressing room, Goldberg, it’s time!… and out comes the most ferocious, the most powerful, and the most dominant wrestler in WWE History– Bill Goldberg. He had the most unusual, the most terrifying entrance ever. His finishing maneuver guaranteed destruction of his opponent.

‘The Spear’ – beginning of the end, followed by ‘The Jackhammer’ one of the most devastating moves in wrestling. Goldberg could lift anybody, including the 400-lb giant – the Big Show.  This guy was a freak, he was not pumped-up or looked out from a steroids factory like Lex Luger or The Big Poppa Pump, he was lean, only his shoulder muscle were well defined.

“Who’s next?” “You’re next!” “Believe the hype” “BLAAAAAAARGH!” Bill Goldberg

Haven’t watched wrestling for more than 7 years now. How things change, still remember how I would wait to watch the Monday Night Raw, it sure was fun and I sure was dumb…

Random Traffic Jams

Meeting @ 3pm

Distance –  about 25km

Leaving time – 2:30pm

Expected Traffic – Heavy

What was I thinking? – Will make it!

I’m sure there are many out there who do the same, leave at the last moment and then criticize the traffic, the city, the country and the government. But then I guess, we are not at fault, we did try to leave early…but then don’t know what happened and how the ‘F’ we got late.

Well, taking about this Sunday, I was meeting a friend at a café to discuss business. I stopped at a Thai restaurant for lunch. I realized that I had a meeting only when I received a reminder message from my friend.

So, I jumped in my car, drove my hatchback like Dominic Toretto, luckily the traffic was smooth until I reached the airport…What now??? Another breakdown, accident, check post…nope!!! Camels!!! What in the…!!!

Yup! CAMELS, there were about 50 of these huge animals with their riders – the cause of the traffic jam!

But then it was a wonderful sight, driving along these creatures…hey its not everyday that you see so many of them in a metropolis. Learnt that these animals flew in for the Republic Day Parade (Copy & Paste the link – to learn about the Republic Day Parade)

Well as far as the meeting goes, reached about 25 minutes late. My friend had to believe me after I showed him the pics 🙂

Why Blogging???

What made me start??

The reason for me to have a blog is to capture all the interesting stuff that’s happening around me or globally, for instance:

  • My views on $500 million budget movie Avatar
  • Google vs China
  • Addicted to MW2…and so on

Got addicted to twitter and learnt that I was micro-blogging , so why not blog…

Why so late???

What to write: Content can be a problem. Hard to come up with interesting topics

Don’t think I write well: Grammar & spelling issues + not that creative

Lack of time: Full time job, spend a lot of time in home-to-work-to-home travel, sleep a lot and download a lot of movies to watch over the weekend, basketball and above all – PS3 addict, so it was certain that I wont be able to blog often, so why bother

Well, ignoring the above I decided to create a blog. Now, if you find some of the write-ups bizarre, well thats just me…