Can Social Media replace Traditional Media?

It’s being said everywhere that social media if used wisely can replace traditional media. By now, most of us will have the benefits of social media at our fingertips – it is cost effective with high returns, helps build relationship through customer service and feedback, increases visibility, builds awareness etc

With all the hype, I hear many saying that they are gradually shifting focus towards social media. But I believe that there are still many limitations and challenges. Social media marketing is still not fully understood, is a little risky and is not that cheap.

If we focus only on social media we miss out the powerful combination of social media marketing and traditional media marketing. Both of them can work together to strengthen a brand. The point is that everyone can benefit from social media and it should be a part of the marketing or public relations strategy. However, it should not be the only focus as we cannot afford to ignore traditional media completely.

Kenneth Peter —


How New Media will change Public Relations

With the advent of new media including social networks, there is a question I keep asking myself, especially after writing a Press Release…

Then I start comparing them…

The advantage of internet as source of news has been well documented over the last couple of years. However, if you have chosen new media for your Press Release your work does not stop there. There are over hundred billion websites out there, and you have to ensure that your news reaches your target audience.

Search engines are used for finding news, our job further is to use the right key words, external links and other internet tools to narrowcast the news to the right audience (SEO). Many successful company websites and PR agencies also use AdWords and AdSense to lure traffic to their releases.

PR Agencies and PR Professionals should know both Old and New Media like from the back of their hand and should know how to jointly use them. It is also important to figure out which medium will be more suitable – as this would be of critical importance to the success of any public relations strategy.

Kenneth Peter —

Social Media – A Marketing Activity, Who owns it?

As a student, I remember drawing diagrams instead of writing lengthy notes to understand a particular topic as it made things simpler.  I have used the same practice to point out my views on the above topic.

As social media is a non-paid activity, it should be considered under PR

Although marketing largely owns SEO and email marketing, Public Relations owns the responsibility for making an online strategy plan that covers blogging, social networking, podcasting, micro-blogging etc

What bothers me is the fact that many PR Professionals do not pay much attention towards social media and focus primarily on media relations, press releases etc.

My suggestion to all the public relations and marketing professionals is that they should be well equipped to handle social media for future jobs in the industry.