From Paris with Love (2010) – My Review

Pierre Morel who earlier brought us — The Transporter, District 13 and Taken now offers — From Paris with Love

The misleading title gave me the impression that it was a romantic comedy set in Paris, until I heard the loose cannon, special agent Charlie Wax (John Travolta) say “Do I look like I play board games?”

James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is the personal assistant to the U.S. Ambassador in France. Along with his diplomatic post, James has a side job i.e., of a low level agent with the CIA and has a dream to become one of the top-notch agents with the agency. That’s not all, this guy has everything going his way as he also has a beautiful French girlfriend. While celebrating a great evening with his girlfriend, James gets a call from the CIA offering him his first senior level assignment. His first job is to go to the airport to help his partner, stuck at the customs.

His partner happens to be trigger-pulling, hell-raising, wise-cracking, Royal Burger loving, crazy undercover special agent Charlie Wax, sent to France to stop a terrorist attack. Travolta gets better and better with every movie, he has a shaven-headed, bearded look in the film. His argument at the airport with the custom staff was hilarious. Together Charlie Wax and his sidekick James Reece go on a shooting spree hunting mafias and terrorists through the Parisian underworld leaving piles of bodies wherever they go.

Charlie Wax discovers that James is wired and the terrorists have been keeping track of his movements by the help of someone very close to him. Soon after that James who is in total shock (Think John Mayers song – Assassin, suits the moment perfectly) learns that the terrorist are targeting the US summit and a suicide bomber has already reached the place.

The film has mostly received negative reviews; some say it’s a racist brainless flick with no substance, while others say its absolute nonsense but great fun.

Agree that the film is brainless and full of murder & mayhem, but it’s a brilliant late-Friday-night action blast that one would definitely enjoy with friends over a couple of beers.

Favorite Part: When Travolta shoots Nichole in the head (Damn!!!)

Fav Quote: Do I look like I play board games?

My Rating: 2.5/5

Kenneth Peter —