mmmmmmmm!!! Cinnabon…

When I saw these rolls for the first time, I told myself that it would be a sin NOT to blissfully indulge myself with these delectable, sinful rolls.

These rolls are made fresh, right in front your eyes and I got the opportunity to see every step of the baking procedure – from rolling the dough, to bakers ringing the bell indicating that hot rolls are coming out of the oven.

I have tried almost everything that the Cinnabon Bakery offers – CinnaBon Classic Rolls, PeacanBon, ChocóBon, CinnaBon Bites, CinnaBon Stix. My favorite of the lot remains the Cinnabon Classic, made with the special Makara ingredient and topped with cream cheese and margarine frosting. ChocóBon and PeacanBon both come second, one is smeared with chocolate syrup and the other topped with peacan nuts. CinnaBon Stix may look like fish fingers but they taste like heaven and are accompanied with frosting dip. The dip is too sweet, but that didn’t stop me from licking it, the moment all eyes were off me.

Cinnabon outlet also serves hot beverages along with some specialty drinks like the Strawberry/Mango Chillata and Mochalatta Chill, a chocolate based shake. Mochalatta Chill, my favorite, goes great with the yummy rolls.

These rolls are simply a great invention for all food-o-holics. For me it’s only in winters, the festive season, that I indulge myself with all the mouth-watering, sinful confectioneries, it’s the only time I forget all about my workout regimen.


Random Traffic Jams

Meeting @ 3pm

Distance –  about 25km

Leaving time – 2:30pm

Expected Traffic – Heavy

What was I thinking? – Will make it!

I’m sure there are many out there who do the same, leave at the last moment and then criticize the traffic, the city, the country and the government. But then I guess, we are not at fault, we did try to leave early…but then don’t know what happened and how the ‘F’ we got late.

Well, taking about this Sunday, I was meeting a friend at a café to discuss business. I stopped at a Thai restaurant for lunch. I realized that I had a meeting only when I received a reminder message from my friend.

So, I jumped in my car, drove my hatchback like Dominic Toretto, luckily the traffic was smooth until I reached the airport…What now??? Another breakdown, accident, check post…nope!!! Camels!!! What in the…!!!

Yup! CAMELS, there were about 50 of these huge animals with their riders – the cause of the traffic jam!

But then it was a wonderful sight, driving along these creatures…hey its not everyday that you see so many of them in a metropolis. Learnt that these animals flew in for the Republic Day Parade (Copy & Paste the link – to learn about the Republic Day Parade)

Well as far as the meeting goes, reached about 25 minutes late. My friend had to believe me after I showed him the pics 🙂

Two Decades of Gaming – A Tribute to All the Consoles

First generation – Not yet born

An old-timer while showing me an antique device he called – the Odyssey 100, said that it all began with this… well whatever that was…

Second generation – The Beginning

I was just two years old, when my dad gifted me the Atari 2600 and introduced me to the world of gaming. The heavy black console, joystick with just one shiny red button, almost gave me the feeling that I controlled the TV.

My first games were Mario Bros, Space Invaders, Combat and Pac-Man. My favorite was Mario Bros, would always choose Luigi over Mario as I liked his green attire.

Third generation- NES Family Computer

Grew up a bit and NES Family Computer was in the limelight. Soon came my eighth birthday and my gift was the 8 bit console.  My favorite games were – Super Mario Bros 1-3, Duck Hunt (required a gun), Double Dragon, RoboCop and Contra.

Handheld Electronic Games – Along with the Family Computer, handheld electronic games such as ‘Tetris’ or ‘Brick Game’ became popular. Kids would brag the number of games their device had –   576 games in 1 or 9999 games in 1, which were in fact different versions of the same game (racing brick cars, brick arkanoid, Tetris etc) with minor changes. Then there were other handheld games like Tennis, Volleyball, Shooting etc

Game Boy The above games were kept aside when Nintendo launched the Game Boy in 1990. The handheld console was a major success for the brand. Was quite impressed by this little fat device, yet did not get a chance to own one. I would borrow my friend’s Game Boy and was able to play only two games – ‘WWF King of the Ring’ and ‘Bart and the Beanstalk’.

Fourth generation – Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

While I was still playing the 8 bit Family Computer, everyone had either a Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo. The 16 bit console now dominated the gaming world. Focused on my studies a bit, got good grades and finally convinced my folks to buy me a Sega.  We picked up a Sega Genesis from the Amsterdam airport. It was the prettiest console I had ever seen.  Along with the console I got the cartridge of Toy Story. I would play Streets of Rage 2, Mortal Kombat 2 & 3 non-stop for hours.

Fifth generation – the Generation Missed

Game cartridges and wrestling tapes replaced the books in my bag, having a huge impact on my grades. My Sega Genesis was kept in the closet and I only got permission to play during weekends. Soon it was the fifth generation era or the 32 bit era where CDs replaced cartridges and graphics were more superior. The prominent names of this era were Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Well, due to my C’s & D’s (grades) did not get to own any of the fifth generation consoles.

Sixth Generation – Return to the Gaming World

Sony PlayStation2 – Jumped straight from 16 bit to 128 bit era and got this awesome console at the age of 17. CD’s were replaced by DVDs and saw both flash and hard drive storage for game data. GTA Games like San Andreas (89% completed), Liberty City (72%), and Vice City (55%) kept me busy for months. God of War 1 & 2, Prince of Persia (Warrior Within), Mortal Kombat & the Shaolin Monks, Blade II, X-Men: The Official Game, Call of Duty etc are some of my favorite action games. When in the mood to race, I played Grand Turismo 3, NFS Series and Moto GP.

Seventh generation – Aliens secret gift to Sony

Big Daddy’ of them all – Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB Piano Black with chrome trim) was the first console that I bought myself. Big names of this generation as we all know are – Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Technology got better and DVD’s had to give way to Blu-ray Disc, making the games expensive. So far, just own 4 big titles – Grand Theft Auto IV, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, NFS Shift and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The console also offers online gaming service in the PlayStation Network, which I haven’t used as yet.

The only problem now is that I hardly have time, I got a job, there’s work load, girl problems, social networks, socializing with colleagues/friends and the daily errands.

Wow! I wrote all that on my consoles…awesome!!! I cannot imagine growing up without these machines. Thank my folks for buying me these consoles. I look forward to all the upcoming video games and have a great retirement plan.

Why Blogging???

What made me start??

The reason for me to have a blog is to capture all the interesting stuff that’s happening around me or globally, for instance:

  • My views on $500 million budget movie Avatar
  • Google vs China
  • Addicted to MW2…and so on

Got addicted to twitter and learnt that I was micro-blogging , so why not blog…

Why so late???

What to write: Content can be a problem. Hard to come up with interesting topics

Don’t think I write well: Grammar & spelling issues + not that creative

Lack of time: Full time job, spend a lot of time in home-to-work-to-home travel, sleep a lot and download a lot of movies to watch over the weekend, basketball and above all – PS3 addict, so it was certain that I wont be able to blog often, so why bother

Well, ignoring the above I decided to create a blog. Now, if you find some of the write-ups bizarre, well thats just me…